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It’s still summer and certainly no time to be roasting a turkey — that’s why my dad and I decided to smoke one outside last weekend. If you’ve never had smoked turkey breast (not the deli meat kind – but smoked on the bone), you’re missing out. It is an intensely flavorful and moist preparation and yeilds a tasty and crispy skin.

It would have been the perfect meal – if only we had fully defrosted the turkey first!  We knew that smoking is a long, slow low-heat cooking process, but it became unbearably so given that the inside parts of the turkey were still iced over.  After many hours, we had to finish the bird in the convection oven and even still had to cut it into pieces to get it fully done.  Disappointing process, but the payoff was delicious.

And it yielded plenty of meat for leftovers and for freezing.  This week, I defrosted a couple chunks of smoked turkey meat and used it in a recipe for turkey potpie with cheddar biscuit crust courtesy of Gourmet. The smoked flavor re-defined this comfort dish. And I made enough to enjoy all week!


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