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A sign outside Westville East (173 Avenue A at 11th Street) lists the daily specials — fresh vegetables.  But the sign doesn’t do justice to the unique and tasty preparations of vegetables that make this and its sister restaurant New York City hot spots. The menu features select cuts of grilled fish and meats over organic mixed greens as well as dressed-up burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs. The best part about Westville, however, is its list of “Market” sides (or choose four and make a full plate!):

Lemon Grilled Asparagus; Beets with Goat cheese or Walnuts; Sauteed Broccoli with Roasted Peppers; Cauliflower Dijonaisse; Brussel Sprouts with Honey Dijon; Soy Glazed Green Beans; Green Beans with Almonds; Asian Style Bok Choy; Green Peas with Shallots and Bacon; Sweet Potato Fries; Sauteed Tofu with Spinach and Roasted Peppers; Roasted Zucchini with Cherry Tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese; Broccoli Rabe with Cherry Tomatoes and Parmesan; Hearts of Palm Salad; Classic Collard Greens; Sauteed Kale with Shallots and White Wine; Artichoke Hearts with Parmesan; Mushrooms with Leeks and Herbs; Sauteed Cherry Tomatoes; Garlic Or Pesto Mashed Potatoes; Snowpeas with Sesame and Ginger; Grilled Fennel with Parmesan; Fried Plantains with Cotija cheese; Cucumber Dill Salad!!


In the picture at top, our market plate boasts grilled fennel with parmesan, lemon grilled asparagus, broccoli with garlic and roasted red peppers, and fresh peas with shallots and bacon.  None of the veggies were overcooked and all were incredibly fresh — including the homemade roasted red peppers. Westville is very reasonably priced and with it’s open windows/doors which spill out onto the street, it offers great ambiance for a date.



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Everything tastes better with prosciutto. And that’s definitely the case with cheese tortellini tossed with sweet green peas and a garlic cream sauce!

Sautè minced garlic in a little melted butter, add a quarter pound of sliced prosciutto and brown to bring out the flavor. Then add a cup of heavy cream and peas and reduce by half. Throw in some shredded parmesan before tossing with the tortellini.

You can thin the sauce with a little reserved pasta water if it gets too thick.  You’ll love the salty flavor of the prosciutto against the creamy sauce and hint of sweet in the peas. Delic!


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Why do I always seem to crave chicken soup when it’s freakishly cold outside? The hot, salty broth, savory vegetables, and tender chicken are so satisfying.   This soup was thrown together with whatever I had in the fridge: leftover chicken on the bone from Barbuto, a mix of fresh cut vegetables from a New Years party platter, and half a bag of organic frozen peas.

I started by browning onion and garlic in olive oil before adding a box of low-sodium chicken stock (about 4 cups) and the roasted chicken.  Those simmered over medium low heat for a couple hours to create a flavorful broth. Then I removed the chicken from the bone and tossed in a medley of raw veggies. I also added a half cup of rice for good measure. You can add spices, salt and pepper to taste.

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Several months ago, I smoked a turkey and froze the leftovers. Tonight, I used the last ration from my freezer in this innovative take on Turkey Tetrazzini by Tyler Florence.  No heavy cream or cheese here. Just an incredibly savory and lightly creamy sauce with tender mushrooms, sweet peas, fresh herbs and a sprinkle of Cabot extra sharp cheddar on top.

One pound of white button mushrooms is sauteed in garlic, shallots, fresh parsley, bay leaves, thyme, lemon zest and olive oil. Then, they are tossed in a roux of chicken stock, milk, butter and flour.  I added about four cups of diced, smoked turkey, two cups of peas, and mixed with one package of egg noodles.

The cheddar and bread crumbs meld to create a crispy deliciousness on top of this casserole of pure comfort.

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Here is a look at two of mom’s sides for our Fourth of July picnic feast:

Quinoa and Black Bean Salad (Gourmet, July 1994)

Recipe here.

Pea Salad with Radishes and Feta Cheese (Bon Appetit, April 2007)

Recipe here.

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Yesterday was a quintessential midwestern Fourth of July. The weather could not have been better: sunny, low humidity and temps in the 80s. And for our pre-fireworks picnic, mom cooked up a classic American feast of fried chicken, side salads and ice cold watermelon. 

We spent several hours outside on the patio, just enjoying conversation and time together with family. Sadie, the dog, mingled playfully underfoot, trying to elicit a game of fetch; she even enjoyed the dripping beer froth from beneath the screen-top table. 

She is a lucky girl it seems, living in a home that doubles as a brewery. And judging by her eagerness towards the frothy stuff, I’m sure it wasn’t the first time Sadie savored the summery Klosch brew. My stepsister and her boyfriend have certainly become connoisseurs of homemade beer, and I always look forward to tasting their latest label.

Cold beer was the perfect accompaniment to mom’s incredible buttermilk fried chicken, fresh pea salad with radishes and feta, quinoa salad with fresh corn, tomatoes, black beans and cilantro, fresh bread and sweet seedless watermelon. (Recipes to follow!)

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