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I’ll admit the thought of a fish stew didn’t immediately grab me for a fun weeknight in the kitchen. But upon closer inspection of this recipe, the layers of Mediterranean flavors were very intriguing: garlic, artichoke hearts, capers, green olives, white wine and tomatoes. Wow.

Served over couscous, it didn’t disappoint.  Fresh lemon juice and chopped ginger, cumin and basil, crushed red pepper. So many flavors that intertwine to create a zesty, light — and healthy! — dish.  Tilapia was on sale at the market and it worked out perfectly here.  Give this one a try.


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Pizza-making doesn’t have to mean mixing dough from scratch and tossing it out ala Luigi. Try a fresh, crusty French loaf for a twist! This is also an easy option for a fun, small dinner party with friends – people always go wild topping their own, which can be pretty entertaining.  I like to brush each half with a little olive oil and lightly toast it under the broiler before adding sauce, cheese and toppings. Then, load it up with whatever your heart desires, and after a few more minutes in the oven you’ll have a melted top, crunchy crust, and an explosion of awesome flavors.

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