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If I was the Slumdog Millionaire, I’d want to celebrate reuniting with my true love (and winning the millions) by enjoying a feast of Chicken Jalfrezi. This take on a traditional Indian curry is absolutely one of my top ten all-time favorite dishes.

The tomato-based curry is a taste explosion of grated fresh ginger, garlic, onion and cilantro. The tender chicken thighs are lightly dry-fried in olive oil, curry and chili powders before stewing with the tomatoes and spices until the meat just falls apart.


Unlike a traditional Jalfrezi, I’m told, this recipe lacks green peppers or green chillies. But in my opinion, the simplicity of this take is its strong suit: your taste buds can focus in on the intense medley of flavors. Served over basmati rice with a side of naan bread, this is a wonderful dish.

It’s first appearance on Peanutbuttermilk has the recipe.


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