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This cake — itself a take on the Oreo cookie — is so much fun to make and utterly amazing to eat. Layers of rich, moist chocolate cake sandwich creamy vanilla filling that’s blended with crumbles of Oreo cookies. A thick and decadent dark chocolate frosting made of butter, confectioners sugar and ghirardelli cocoa podwer coats the entire cake. Kudos to fellow food blog Annie’s Eats for the recipe!


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This cake was my baptism into the world of Bon Appetit magazine. And as I’m sure any of its devourers can attest, the surviving sister of Gourmet Magazine offers up some pretty sweet stuff (no pun intended). The January issue names this recipe among its “top desserts of the year,” and while I might not go that far, it is indeed wonderfully decadent and delicious. The cake is moist, fluffy and coconutty, laden with scattered, irregular fragments of Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate.  The top of the cake is an amazing minefield of toasted coconut, gooey chocolate and a creamy coconut glaze. I served it as a coffeecake for a brunch but it could easily have been a dessert course for a fancy dinner party.

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Imagine, for a moment, that you are living in ancient Rome and it’s your birthday. According to food historians, your celebratory ‘cake’ would be a flat, flour-based round with some nuts and honey baked in… I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty unexciting to me!  Thankfully, Western culture has refined the art of cake-making, and this contemporary recipe from Gourmet magazine (January 2004) epitomizes the best a homemade cake can offer: rich, moist, decadent tastiness with creamy vanilla frosting.


This cake recipe stands apart by using 3/4 cup of unsweetened Ghirardelli chocolate powder and 2 cups of dark brown sugar, adding a molassesy richness. The frosting is very “butter-like” and not overly sweet. Still, it’s a bit too thick for my taste, though I’m sure it could be thinned by adding a little cream or milk to the two sticks of butter in the mix.

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