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With the abundance of cupcake bakeries in New York City, popular debate continues over who bakes and frosts the “best.”  Butter Lane Bakery (123 East Seventh Street in the East Village) claims it makes “the better cupcake.”  And, frankly, this fan of Magnolia cupcakes could argue Butter Lane is actually best.


Owned and operated by Pam Nelson — a former Wall Street banker and cousin of a good friend of mine from Atlanta — Butter Lane prides itself in its raw materials: organic dairy and flavorings.  They also create some unique flavors that break the city’s cupcake mold (figuratively speaking).  Flavors like peanut butter banana, espresso, coconut, blueberry, and key lime.  Who doesn’t like choices other than vanilla and chocolate, right?!


What makes Butter Lane cupcakes most distinctive is the consistency of the frosting. They make two types: American butter cream (butter and confectioners sugar) and French butter cream (butter, egg yolks, granular sugar). Again, yay for choices!  The American version is slightly sweeter, but both are much less sugary than Magnolia’s cupcake toppings.  The light, fluffy, whipped texture of the Butter Lane frosts make that first bite moist, gooey and flavorful — much more enjoyable than the overpowering, thick, shortening-based frostings you find atop others.


My favorite is the cupcake on the far left (with marshmellows):  banana bread cake with a light peanutbutter frosting!  To die for. Yum.


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