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Look for the chicken meatloaves on wood planks positioned around the charcoal fire. Also, you’ll see some of my favorites from the menu: the Japanese pickles; roasted chicken wings; toro and ama ebi sashimi; peppered, roasted berkshire pork; and the terriyaki chicken meatloaf with poached egg.


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La Kabbr, on 9th Ave between W 47th and 48th, is known as New York’s only Iraqi restaurant, dishing up traditional Baghdad fare and other Middle Eastern classics. Inside, eclectic artifacts decorate the walls, including several Iraqi flags hanging between hookahs, Christmas lights and framed restaurant reviews.

The menu features Masgoof, Iraq’s national dish of roasted white fish topped with onion, tomatoes and green peppers; Tashreeb, and Iraqi lamb stew; Kibbee, a ground beef and lamb version of falafel; and other marinated, chargrilled kabobs.


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On Thanksgiving this year, I dined with extended family of Austrian descent. And next to the turkey on their spread was a platter of traditional schwein schnitzel, or breaded pork cutlets. The tenderized pork loin fillets were seasoned, breaded and panfried in olive oil. Often the dish is also served with a lemon, parsley and caper sauce, fried egg and several strips of anchovies.

As chef Roswitha Cusick demonstrates for Peanutbuttermilk, these delicious and crispy schnitzel are easy to make and a fitting complement to any traditional Austrian holiday meal.

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